Brooklyn-Born Artist Shares “Everyone Could Use A Hero” Collection of Portraits

html-blue-email-mlkbNationwide — ‘Everyone Could Use a Hero’ is the creative offering of Brooklyn-born artist T. M.Noël. This soul-stirring collection of portraits captures the likeness and essence of a variety of famous, and infamous, personalities who have shaped sociopolitical circumstances throughout mainstream, cultural and urban, historical struggles.During his teen years in New York, he partnered with the International Black Student Alliance and formed AngryHouze Studios, collaborating with other talented young artists, providing a refuge from the streets, all the while showing his peers how to focus raw anger thru the arts…

In the mid-90’s he furthered his art education, and learned first-hand of the separate-ness that still runs rampant in some parts of the country.

‘Everyone Could Use a Hero’, kicked down the door when it was selected to be part of the line-up at The Central Gallery. It began just prior to MLK Day and it stood out as one of the premiere Black History tributes.

The artist, who spends his time in New York and other major cities that boast a creative art community, has a presence on the Avenue of Stars in the plaza adjacent to the Orpheum Theatre downtown.

Mr. Noël is currently in discussion to bring this impactful work to the Schomburg Cultural Center in Harlem, New York. . The work is also available to sponsor for tours and exhibits with proceeds benefitting the non profit,

Noël’s Fine-Art Portraits have also been shown in galleries associated with major colleges in New York and New Jersey. His work has attracted a global following, and has been purchased by African princes as well as everyday people.

His work displays a creative style infused with a unique array of scratches, cuts and abrasions resembling a badge of honor, for the burdens born by the subjects. The end result is a masterful communication of the essence of each chosen subject.

The work is provocative and alive. It invokes a feeling that the subject is studying you, as you study the subject.

A visit during the masterful ‘Everyone Could Use a Hero’ , is a profound and memorable experience for all cultures with an open mind… soul fuel, indeed!

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